Thursday, 28 October 2010

my speech is about deep blue vs Garry Kasparov in chess
deep blue is a super chess c0mputer
Garry Kasparov is a chess champ
they played 6 games of chess to see who won
how did deep blue move pieces he didn't he showed a guy who would move the pieces for him. deep blue only used 1 human move in all 6 games. in stead of getting in checkmate they would resign. the fist game Kasparov won easily. but in the second game Kasparov found out deep blue had not been trying at 3 Kasparov found a way to beat deep 4 deep blue predicted Garry Kasparov would use the same strategy and deep blue was right and won. game 5 was a draw. game six was the decider and on the 19th turn (pause for ten sec) deep blue won.