Tuesday, 29 June 2010


w.a.l.t use alliteration
There were 30 seconds to go. He was 50 metres from the goal.
1.there was 30 seconds on the the clock. he was speeding toward the goal he shot the great gray green ball and it speed into the back of the net.
2. 30 sec to go. he shot the blue bouncy ball at the net and it slipped under the goalie and scored.
3. time was running out they had 30 secs to score the goal. then he chipped the black ball over the goalies head and scored.
4.30 secs time left he shot the slippery slow ball and it speed towards the goal and d score

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

my alien

He is about the size of a adult human. He works in teams with his species but will kill any other species of alien. His species have great powerful armies and will wipe out any other civilization if given a chance.They where white and black armor.He is very organized.His name is the forbidden. They are deadly. they will fight to the death. They carry swords and hammers with them. They are very smart and build amazing machines called walkers that are robots with people inside them. His helmet is like the head of a tiger. His body armor is like the body of a man.he walks on two legs. his eyes are blue.